Get from us a reliable gamut of Electronic Mini Fuse, Electronic Optocoupler, Brand SSOP Part, Omron Solid State Relay Chip, Electronic Transistor, Freescale MCU etc...

About Our Company

We, Leading(HK) IC Distributor Limited have more than a decade of experience as a trader and supplier of electronic components. The wide range we make available comprises Tantalum Capacitor, AT49BV040B-JU Micro Chip, AT49F040 ATMEL Flash Memory Chip, Ceramic Capacitor etc. These items find usage in different segments such as commercial, automation, military and many others. We focus on the latest market demands and procure/supply products accordingly. Our enterprise is associated with many IC manufacturers who are known for creating and offering high in class products. They enable us to be always ready with the assortment of each variety of products and help us fulfill the bulk needs of customers. We have earned great recognition as a service provider also. Our company offers Sourcing, Repair and Maintenance services.

Company Advantages

Clients highly prefer to do business only with our company because of our advantages such as direct sourcing of reliable brands, over 16,0000 inventories, affordable rates, quality assurance and speedily delivery.

Quality Control

For us quality is one of those important factors which can never be compromised. Owing to this, we make sure to offer high quality services to all our valued customers and focus on the following areas:-

Quality Management: All the items undergo different tests such as outer inspection.X-Ray Analysis, resurfaced Top-side, visual inspection, Solderability test and D-cap testing. By doing these tests we get complete assurance of accurate appearance, clean IC surface, pins placement on correct place, ROHS status. After these tests another level of checking procedure is done that includes performance and reliability tests.

Supplier Management: Time to time we do supplier evaluation survey. According to this, we get to know about new manufacturers or vendors. Additionally, through our advanced management system, we verify the works of our existing supplier to ensure procurement of high in class products. We do this as we understand that for offering the best quality product and services, it is crucial to associate only with reliable partners.

Customer Management: We do not ever want to loose any of our clients. Owing to this, we make sure to offer them with world class products and services. From perfect packaging to timely delivery of consignment, we show perfection of our work at each step. We aim to become a leading IC distributor owing to which we constantly put efforts to please customers and provide them the best services and competitive prices.


Following is the list of the brands we deal in:

  • Altera
  • Toshiba
  • Microchip
  • Allegro
  • Maxim
  • Dallas
  • Harris
  • NXP
  • Hitachi
  • Renesas

  • Fairchild
  • Linear
  • QTC
  • Mitsubishi
  • NEC
  • NSC
  • OKI
  • ROHM
  • Sharp
  • Xicor

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